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Today (May 15) we are celebrating the UN International Day of Families! "This year’s observance focuses on the role of families and family-oriented policies in promoting education and overall well-being of their members. In particular, the Day is to raise awareness of the role of families in promoting early childhood education and lifelong learning opportunities for children and youth."

How are you celebrating? http://bit.ly/2qkK7Hf


We want to hear from you! What work are you doing in your community to ensure access to housing? Tell about your personal work, the work of a group you admire, or a project you're are thinking about implementing! Join with other passionate people in our Community Improvement & Capacity Building group today!


The Skoll Foundation World Forum 2017 may be over, but Devex has the takeaways we need to carry forward: http://bit.ly/2oYYvXm
1. Prioritizing the poor, not the project
2. Mainstreaming mental health
3. Tackling the global trust deficit
4. Going from individual projects to impact at scale

How will you implement these takeaways? Share your next steps in our Community Improvement & Capacity Building Group!


Majal is "...an ecosystem of platforms with two complementary goals: Freedom of Expression & Access to Information." Learn how they are building strong communities: http://bit.ly/2ogDXIT
Are you helping to strengthen your community or protect vulnerable populations? Join the conversation in our Community Improvement & Capacity Building group: http://bit.ly/2ogDXIT


It's International Mine Awareness Day! "Over the past twenty years, the United Nations and its partners have cleared vast areas of land contaminated by landmines and explosive remnants of war. Land that was once dangerous and unproductive has been returned to citizens, enabling them to rebuild their communities. The removal of landmines from roads and airstrips has facilitated humanitarian access to people in need."

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