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April 23 is World Book and Copyright Day! http://bit.ly/2pNsNNi
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PwC is expanding the curriculum to include essential life skills like financial literacy and technology skills. "Our goal is to reach more than 10 million students in underserved communities with programs, mentoring, and access to resources that can enable students to develop financial capability and technology skills."
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Important (and huge) study:
"There they found that not only did the black students assigned to black teachers graduate high school at higher rates, they also were more likely to take a college entrance exam. "The results line up strikingly well," says Papageorge."


This is so cool! Anyone have a similar program in their community? Any suggestions on how to start one?
"Together, the 15 high schoolers formed a team for the first World Smarts STEM Challenge. That's a science competition run by IREX, a global development non-profit that strives to promote student enthusiasm for science, tech, engineering, and math (aka STEM). Each of the 17 teams had teenagers in the D.C. area partnering with Ghanaians to identify and solve a real-world problem."

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