May 8 & 9 is Time of Remembrance & Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War. http://bit.ly/2pIQDJm
How does your community remember & heal? Share your work/remembrance with our community. http://bit.ly/2pJ0iiP


Today we are observing World Intellectual Property Day! "This year, we’ll explore how innovation is making our lives healthier, safer, and more comfortable, turning problems into progress."
How are you using technology to make your community better? Tell us in our Public and Social Benefit group: http://bit.ly/2q4bqIk


Can't be there in person for World Water Week in Stockholm events? You can join the conversation digitally via their live stream! Follow the link below to find the available streams!
Want to share your efforts with a community of world-changers? Visit and join Action Connected today! http://buff.ly/2ckrCQc

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