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Since Judge Neil Gorsuch is probably going to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, how are people organizing to ensure employment is fair & protects workers?
Article from Slate about the case where Judge Gorsuch sided with a company that fired an employee for refusing to stay with a broken down truck in sub-zero temperatures: http://slate.me/2niHUwG


"In it, experts say sexual assault and rape against women in the janitorial business is one of the highest underreported crimes in the country."
Article: http://www.vidaenelvalle.com/news/state/california/sacramento/article96180952.html
Does anyone know any successful or work-in-progress programs that are aimed at making workplaces safer? I know there are laws to implement, etc., but we have had rape laws on the books for generations and that doesn't seem to do much. Please share any links! Thank you!

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