• On Action Connected, beneficiaries, supporters, NGOs and social businesses are equal partners.
  • Your ideas, opinions and feedback are what makes successful programs happen.
  • Your critical voice can also be what prompts a project design to be modified or changed to respond to real needs.
  • Once you create a profile, you can connect, exchange and influence an entire community that cares.
  • Your voice is also a critical component to a supporter's decision to back your project versus thousands of others.
Let your voice be heard and engage in social change!

NGOs & Social Businesses

  • Join Action Connected to benefit from countless free services on our platform!
  • Participate in transforming the development sector and reforming the way people, organizations and corporations see and interact within the charity and social entrepreneurship world!
  • Creating a profile on Action Connected is simple and fast - once online you are a member of the only online platform that connects all three pillars, namely supporters, implementers and beneficiaries, of the charity and development world.
  • You can communicate directly with your potential partners and supporters and, unlike other sites, your beneficiaries can set up profiles to endorse your work. This builds trust, authenticity and confidence!
  • Use this interactive space as your free and personal project communication and marketing source!


  • Once you create a profile on Action Connected you can immediately connect to every other user as well as to groups and causes that matter to you.
  • Engage in conversations, exchange ideas and opinions, discuss, influence and learn!
  • Get real time updates, check how the implementers and project you are supporting, perform.
  • Action Connected's online data analytics will also provide you with real-time statistics on how your contribution is leveraged for social impact.

At ACTION CONNECTED, beneficiaries and their needs catalyze the project cycle. They share an equal voice with supporters and implementers, and the effect is sustained impact.

Scroll below and see how.

The Beneficiary

Beneficiaries are active participants in the project cycle. They can identify and share their NEEDS through posts on the Action Connected online community. NEEDS are prioritized through dialogue with IMPLEMENTERS resulting in project concepts. These projects are posted on Action Connected for fundraising.

The Implementer

IMPLEMENTERS are NGOs or social businesses that post projects specifically designed to respond to the needs of and support the causes that are important to beneficiaries. The focus is to understand the beneficiaries’ needs and to design and implement responsive and collaborative, sustainable projects and actions.

Solutions are proposed in the form of Projects. Supporters on Action Connected value that the beneficiarY / receiving community is directly engaged and that his/her/their feedback is not only heard but used to improve the project during the project cycle NOT evaluated at the end when it is too late to improve outcomes.

The Projects

PROJECTS are created and implemented to respond to the often self-identified needs of beneficiarIES. beneficiarIES contribute their insights, ideas and concerns via the PROJECTS’ interactive wall where they can interact with supporters and implementers throughout the entire fundraising-implementation cycle..

The Supporters

SUPPORTERS provide the vital resources to propel a PROJECT to action. Those who support and give through Action Connected seek more than a passive role in supporting positive change in the world. The Action Connected platform allows engaged supporters to interact directly with beneficiarIES. They can learn how their donation is being put to use, calculate their return on investment and hear how it affects their beneficiarIES directly, in real-time.

Action Connected cultivates responsible solutions that build deeper connections with all parties involved in projects.

Sustained Impact Project Cycle

Action Connected's equitable project cycle creates sustained impact by putting the beneficiary's needs at its core. Action Connected promotes conscious capitalism and strategic linkages between supporters, NGOs, social businesses and beneficiaries – all “giving across” – with a new three-way dynamic of development benefit to all parties involved in the cycle.

beneficiarIES > Are empowered through inclusiveness

implementers > Are benefiting from connecting with all stakeholders of the sector

SUPPORTERS > Can directly measure and assess how their
resources affect change in the world

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