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Mission / Vision

To work at influencing governments policies, private sector and changing national attitudes and practices towards local produce and also influencing policies of institutions (local, national and international, governments and intergovernmental bodies, donors and the general public) towards ensuring quality livelihood for farmers and producers in particular and for all through working with Civil Society Organisations, communities and government.

Goals and Objectives

To work for the removal of barriers such as the uncontrolled and forced liberalization that hinder high and sustainable production and marketing for farmers and other producer groups

To mobilize farmers and producer organizations and other civil society groups to advocate for adequate and meaningful government support to the agriculture sector

To advocate for the appropriate allocation and utilization of both public and private resources to increase productivity, and to ensure food and income security, through good quality yields

To advocate for the democratic participation of producer groups and other civil society organizations in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national trade and agricultural policies, plans and their management

To influence national, regional and international trade policies and programmes to ensure equitable rules for developing countries

To work with like-minded organizations particularly, in West African Sub Region to advocate and campaign against unfavourable trade and agriculture policies
To promote efforts of regional integration in the West African Sub Region.
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