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Sarathi Development Foundation

Sarathi’s origin is rooted in grassroots realties and conditions of people including children, adolescent girls and women who belong to socially excluded, economically marginalized and geographically isolated regions in particular. Sarathi was conceptualized and established in 1996 to equip and empower communities to identify and solve their own problems, while leveraging government systems and policies aimed at delivering public services. It began its journey as a resource organization to build capacities of NGOs, community volunteers and groups through a mix of training, onsite demonstration, monitoring with problem solving approach and convergence support on issues related child protection, adolescent girls and women. This has provided us with a strong professional base to scale and build partnerships with a range of institutions including UNICEF, CRS, Dasra, CARE India, NABARD, Action Aid, Water Aid, Family Health International, Global Giving and various corporate organizations, government, universities, global networks and individual donors.

SARATHI Development Foundation is a professionally managed development organization registered under Societies Registration Act and engaged in development services both at micro and macro level since 1998. Over a span of 13 years, it has evolved its role as technical resource support and grassroots facilitation organization while working with communities and a range of donor agencies including UNICEF, International Labour Organization, World Bank, Government, International NGOs and other civil society Organization in northern region of India. Our existence and role are rooted in grassroots realities and opportunities to work for overall development of people in rural and urban areas.

Our vision is “People Based and Gender Sensitive Development”. This guides us to work with a clear focus on community based and community managed models having children, adolescent girls and women in center of development processes. Community based programming and ownership, cross cutting sectorial issues, convergence with government services & system, communication for behavioral change & development and capacity building for sustainability are essential parts of our models.

Our mission aims at supporting and facilitating children, adolescent girls, women and community in such a way that they are able to integrate their potential, wisdom and resources to command development process on their own.We facilitate by evolving and implementing strategies, approaches and platforms for participatory planning, social and behavior change communication, community ownership, capacity building and mainstreaming with public systems. While implementing integrated and sector specific strategies, Sarathi functions as resource organization also to build capacities of civil society organizations, government functionaries, community based organizations, volunteers and social networks for wider outreach in regards to our visions and mission.
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