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Uttar Pradesh in India, the state in which Sarathi functions, is amongst three of India’s least developed states, where indicators on the education, health and safety of adolescent girls aged 10-19 years reveal an especially dire situation. This lack of empowerment manifests itself in crucial aspects of their lives, such as participation, communication, damson making, early marriages, education, sexual health and reproduction, livelihood skills, productivity, and domestic violence.Their life is affected by multiple factors such as social, economic and cultural prejudices, lack of opportunities, space for critical thinking, participation and decision making, risks of early marriages, lack of skills and abilities to move ahead with their aspirations in the society. Dasra Giving Circle, formed by Dasra (a Mumbai based national philanthropic organization) selected the Saloni model, which was conceptualized by Sarathi to support adolescent girl’s empowerment in urban slums. Uniquness of our Model lies in its holistic approach to empower adolescent girls through proven and scalable strategies which have demonstrated favorable results.It unifies startegic interventions such as integrated slum planning spelling out needs and solutions, implantation and monitoring mechanisms , time line for each of the actions, behavioral change tracking system, community resource centers providing life skills, local resources and institutional arrangements- adolescent girls groups, community volunteers, women groups,mainstreaming with public service deliveries.Thus it brings comprehensive, integrated and linked with overall development of adolescent girls directly on the one hand and building systems and service seeking behaviors at wider community level to demand and access to public services provisions.
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