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Recycle Up! Ghana

The Recycle Up! Ghana Initiative is concerned with the pressing issue of proper waste management. The main goal of this initiative is to increase awareness about the implications of improper waste disposal in the society. The main element of the initiative is to organize a week-long summer camp in which students from different Senior High Schools come together to develop solutions for better waste management procedures in their community. In its second edition, we organized two parallel summer camps in Cape Coast and Kumasi between the 5th and 14th of August 2015. The following sections briefly outline the concept of the Recycle Up! Ghana Summer Camps mentioned above. Broadly speaking, the content is threefold: 1. Knowledge Phase The first part is meant to provide participants with the required technical, but also personal training of becoming a change maker in pollution and waste management area. In order to achieve this we complement technical exercises about plastics and waste management with soft skill training sessions about effective communication and public speaking (among others). 2. Experience Phase Building on this knowledge, the participants explore communities affected by severe plastic pollution in the second part of the camp. The idea for them is to trace out the underlying problems and incentives at play which need to be changed in order to achieve a better waste management situation. 3. Solutions Phase Ultimately, the third phase of the camp is meant to bring participants together in groups and let them develop an idea to solve the identified problem under the guidance of experienced mentors. Throughout the next year, the new “Recycle Up! Ambassadors” will work on implementing their ideas, such as the introduction of effective waste segregation systems in their schools.

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