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Green Teso Initiative is a registered non-profit-youth based organization with the main objective of creating climate change and environmental protection awareness and engaging community in forestry, adaptive agriculture and value chain addition. Over the past decade,Teso has been affected by drastic change in the climatic patterns, increased temperatures, a 50% rise in severity of droughts and floods. People’s standards of living have dropped substantially due to the reduced agricultural yield. Today, two thirds of the Teso population is living below the poverty line and yet the population continues to grow at an average of 5.1 percent which is far much higher than the national growth rate of about 3.3 percent. In fact many families survive on one meal a day. These conditions have been sparked off by activities like deforestation for building, charcoal, firewood and burning bricks. Green Teso seeks to equip the populace, especially the youth and grassroots community, with knowledge and hands on skills on how to combat climatic changes.

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