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At IT for Children we believe that information and technology is the key to a positive development of a country. We noticed that some parts of the world still do not have access to computers and internet – a problem that is overlooked. This means that a significant amount of important information and exciting opportunities remain unaccessible. We work to solve this problem. We are a non-profit organisation based and registered in Sweden. Our project takes place in Ghana, West Africa – starting from Busua, a small coastal town of only 3,000 people in the Western Region. In Busua, we provide free access to computers, the internet and ICT education for around 300 school children on a daily basis. The computers we use in our classes are refurbished computers which were donated and collected in Sweden. We kicked off our classes in Busua in January 2015. To make sure that we reach all students in primary school and junior high school in the village, we divide our programs into two. The first is that we support the ICT classes in local schools by welcoming the teachers and school children in our facility so they can use our computers and internet. The second is that we run after-school program, where our own staff and volunteer sdo the teaching. This is where the children get more comprehensive and specifically-tailored ICT education. At the time we started the project, the children had not seen a computer before. Today, after our daily classes, most of the students in primary school age are able to do most functions on Microsoft Office programs. Meanwhile, the junior high school students are learning the best of the internet, such as Wikipedia, Google Map and e-mail. This has prove to significantly contribute to their knowledge-building in subjects such as English, Math and Geography. It’s a long way to go – but we only see progress, every single day. IT for Children is a members’ organisation consisting of young professionals based in Stockholm, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur who work for the organisaton on a completely pro-bono basis. On top of that, we have engaged four local consultants in Busua, as teachers, communications officer and logistics coordinator – and hence we have created, and will be creating, meaningful and well-paid local jobs. We also work towards a more equal opportunities for boys and girls. We launched Girls’ Empowerment Group where we train girls to be more confident and to learn about different options in life. We have also provided scholarship to well-deserved girls to make sure they stay in school. In January 2016, we inaugurated our own learning facility, the IT for Children Academy. Today it has capacity of 70 students – but when all the classrooms are fully constructed, the capacity will go up to 280 students. Help us finance the new classrooms! We are looking forward to seeing new talents emerge from the Academy, from future computer experts, graphic designers to scientists. And it is only possible with your help.

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