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Kulukulu School Project

Rationale for the Establishment of the school: There are a quite number of schools in the country but the need to improve on the quality of our schools cannot be overemphasized. The idea was born out of the zeal to produce a new generation of young and vibrant minds that are driven with both academic excellence and standard etiquette and moral. Project Goals And Objectives: The objectives of the project is to raise a new generation of youths that are sound academically and morally who will serve as fulcrum of the nation and as well the future leaders of the country. Project Strategy: The school is expected to be located in a serene and conducive environment. Member of the staffs will be highly skilled in school management, human resources and finance. Board of trustee will be set up to ensure corporate governance. Admission of students will be strictly on excellence performance in the entrance examination. Expected Results: Education is the gate way to development as we focus on raising young future leaders in the first 12 months, 300 students should be enrolled thereby scaling to various locations. In 3 years, Illiteracy will have been reduced by 10% nationwide. And in the next 10 years from now, the first graduating students will be creating value in Nigeria. Graduating students begins to influence good policy in government and as well new innovation in science and technology. Innovation: The professional development will be a combination of class participation and one-one coaching that influenced the aptitude and enthusiasm of students. Students will access tutoring program which is (software based) offer as supplementary remedial assistance, accelerated learning and opportunity to utilize the resources, possess technology that is constantly developing. We will be taking continuous feedback from our stakeholders to ensure that we keep on innovating and their needs. Organization Background: Guildance Community Development Foundation is a registered civil society organization in Nigeria. GCDF has become a touch bearer in providing top-quality services to a more diverse and greater number of people in Nigeria especially in hard to reach area and marginalized societies, develop and strengthen the capacity of NGOs/CBOs, improve on youth through education and empowerment. Over the last one decades, the organization has organized school tour, symposium and training for youths and the younger generation. The core value has been to have a balance in leadership, Academic and excellence.
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