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Nongre C C Foundation Water Initiative

2017-2018. Raising funds for the construction of bore hole and water pumps to generate safe and clean drinkable water for the people of Bolga-Shrigu (Tangabisi) community in Bolgatanga district The Bolga-sirigu (tangabisis) community is one of the deprived communities in the Bolgatanga district of the Upper East Region. It is about eight 8km away from Bolgatanga, the Regional Capital. It has a population of about two hundred and forty (240) people comprising of twenty five women (25), fifteen (15) men and two hundred (200) children without any potable water. The women and school children in this community walk a long distance of about 2½km in search of potable water. This situation became worse during the dry season, such that they walk as far as 3½km before getting to any water source which has compelled school children to always go to school very late and sad to mention, because of unwholesome water they drink, the community is prone to sickness such diarrhea and other related waterborne diseases. Also, some children have become drop-out because of this canker . The situation has become dire and as concerned citizens of this part of the country, we in Nongre's foundation took upon us a challenge to raise funds to provide this community with safe and clean drinkable water. The least financial contribution you can provide towards this cause will be appreciated. We hope that this necessary project that involves lives will touch your hearts and open doors for giving in supporting this project . With the severe way things are, we hope to hear from you soon as it will bring some relief to the people the saved communities .

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