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Preventing Violent Extremism through Islamic Schools

The insurgency in the North Eastern, Nigeria since 2007 has brought once again to the front burner the role and influence of religion in Nigeria. This influence is seen from the macro to micro level of the society. Religious actors are one of the key stakeholders that play significant role in ensuring community cohesion which contributes to preventing and countering violent extremism in society. They are able to do this because of their unique positions of authority, credibility, institutional resources and ties within the communities. In order to ensure that there is cohesion within a community, it is important to recognise that civil society and religious actors are the frontliners, embedded in the communities and have an important role to play in preventing radicalisation and violent extremism at the early stages. In view of this, Partners West Africa- Nigeria (also known as Rule of Law and Empowerment Initiative) seeks to engage with the Islamic schools in Borno state namely but not limited to the Islamiyas, Madrasas and Tsangayas. The project is aimed at building the capacity of the schools to serve as platforms for preventing and countering violent extremism in the state by building community cohesion. The objectives of the project are to; Support the Islamic schools to become strong platforms for building community cohesion in the state and enhance the capacity of islamic schools to prevent and counter violent extremism in the state.
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