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Teens Empowerment Network 2.0

Teens Empowerment Network 2.0 is designed for students in three suburban secondary schools in Makurdi with a message of national and civic responsibility, by promoting entrepreneurship from an early age, and by highlighting the importance of girl child education and empowerment. It is designed to inspire teens in suburban secondary schools in the designated local government area to seek financial independence early by improving their performance in education, starting a small scale business, and/or gaining professional certification in marketable IT skills. A 2-day workshop that will expose the attendees to accomplished professionals and experts who will share knowledge and personal experience with them, The teen attendees will learn about leadership, being self-driven, employability skills, entrepreneurship, social media optimisation, technology maximisation, among many other vital areas. Also, the teens will take part in a competition which will be either an essay or a business plan, and the winner will be rewarded after the event has concluded. Usually, the prize is a laptop, to encourage more research, education, and use of technology and social media.

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