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Teens Empowerment Network 4.0

This Summit is planned to reach inner city and suburban teenagers from three secondary schools in Lugbe and its environs, in Abuja. The event will help bring exposure to these teens about the role of entrepreneurship in personal standard of living and national economic development. The teens will be exposed to the rudiments of entrepreneurship and financial management. Seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders will be the resource persons at this 2-day event, which will be interactive and engaging for all participants. The Q & A session will be revealing, and the facilitators will be able to share from their wealth of experience, to help the attendees gain new insight into the dynamics and intricacies of running a successful enterprise in the 21st century. The attendees will also be able to participate in a competition, usually in the form of an essay, where the winner will be awarded a prize of a laptop, or some similar device. This will encourage participants to stay focused on continuous personal and professional improvement. There is the opportunity for ongoing mentorship for some of the teens who may be deemed deserving or worthy of it. Overall, this Summit will help teens attending the event gain new insight into how entrepreneurship works, how it can improve their lives, and how that in turn can improve the nation.

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