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Energy-Smart Schools Project Kenya

Energy-Smart Schools Kenya Project presents a very interesting opportunity to invest in the future.This project is all about empowering the young generation to take an active role in Energy Efficiency (EE). The project goal is to promote rational use of energy in schools through encouraging students’ participation in Energy Efficiency (EE) activities. Participants will engage in interactive debates and essay competitions on EE issues and enlist in interactive energy audit exercises and other activities that will induce behavioral change in schools and society at large. Due high high energy costs, schools in Kenya are frequently disconnected from electricity supply as result of unpaid bills.This disruption affects learning and students lose valuable time that could have been spent in studying and extra-curricular activities. By embracing Energy Efficiency, schools will reduce their energy costs and direct savings to improving education standards. Schools shape a nation. School children are our future leaders. Therefore engaging them in energy efficiency now is certainly a means of creating an efficient future generation. Inspiring behavioral change in students trickles to every corner of society starting from households levels to their future work places. Indeed providing students an opportunity to engage in Energy Efficiency equals to securing the future of our planet. Lessons learnt from this project will without doubt influence policy makers to formulate regulations that support Energy Efficiency in Kenya.

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