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Plan and execute a project to tackle one of the 17
Sustainable Development Goals demonstrating the
importance and impact of partnerships and win a
part fellowship plus flight and accomodation to attend
WorldMerit360 in the UK!

Following last year's success, Action Connected together with World Merit launches a
SDG-related challenge, catalysing ideas and forces of the youth to support our world's future
influencers and world changers! This year's Challenge topic is SDG17: "Partnerships for the
Goals ". The main assessment criterion is how the participation and involvement of all
stakeholders involved in the project, especially the beneficiaries, influence, change and
transform and project itself.




an issue related to
one of the 17 SDGs


a project plan
on World Merit


your project
to Action Connected


support and funding
and win


1. Identify an issue relatedon of the 17 SDGs.
Draft a project plan clearly demonstrating the importance of SDG 17:"Partnerships for the Goals".
Upload the plan on World Merit's platform
Discuss and improve your plan together with World Merit's network!


2. The teams of World Merit and Action Connected will review your project plan and send you
feedback (one round).
Make sure to include this feedback in the final version of your project plan that you submit latest
by May, 1 2017.

3. On May, 19 2017 we will announce up to 10 finalists, which will move on to the second stage:
Post your project plan to Action Connected's platform by creating a profile and posting the

4. Complete Action Connected's Project Cycle by identifying supporters, implementers and
beneficiaries (click here for more information).
Invite at least three beneficiaries and five supporters (they need to identify you / your project in
the field "Referred by" and connect with the project and everyone involved in it).
These users have to actively participate throughout the project cycle to demonstrate the
importance of partnerships.

5. Increase your chances of success by raising awareness of your idea and project, engaging
stakeholders, and spreading the word on social media!
Post a creative "Let's do it together!" picture related to your project with the hashtag
#GiveEngageChange online.

6. Secure at least 50% funding commitments for your project.

7. The winner needs to raise USD 1,000.00 (instead of USD 3,000.00) for the program fee. World
and Action Connected will help and support the winner to fundraise to attend Merit360.


Each of the applicants need to upload the project plan on World Merit's platform and process the
feedback received on their project proposals.

You also need to complete your profile and post your project on Action Connected's platform,
complete Action Connected's Project Cycle by connecting at least three beneficiaries and five

Once online, you need to promote your project, including a "Let's do it together!" picture.

At least 50% funding commitment has to be secured for the project.

The first step is to become one of up to 10 finalists. In order to do this, make sure your project plan
is pitch perfect and to submit it early enough to be able to include the feedback that you will
receive from the teams of World Merit and Action Connected.

After deciding on the 10 finalists, the winner will be chosen based on complimentary criteria
which will be released to the finalists after May, 19 2017.


The winner of the "Let's do it together!"-Challenge will be the participant with the highest scores.
The winner will become Action Connected Ambassador and receive a part fellowship plus
flight and accommodation to join the WorldMerit360 in the UK.

WorldMerit360, organised by Action Connected's partner World Merit, is the most significant
opportunity to change the world for the better! Focusing on the United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals, young future leaders will develop a strategy to lead and inspire a global
community to take action and create change. The “Action Plan 003” will be presented to the United
Nations and implemented in communities all around the world.

The winner will also receive support from Action Connected for the rapid start-up of the project,
which will be shared with the larger World Merit community during WorldMerit360. The winner will
participate in the SDG17 group.

For any questions, feel free to email or

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