On Action Connected, beneficiaries, funders and implementers are equal partners. Your ideas, opinions and feedback are what makes successful programs happen. Your critical voice can also be what prompts a project design to be modified or changed if it is not producing the desired outcomes. Once you create a user profile, you can influence implementers with your ideas and influence the type of change provided to your community. Your voice is also a critical component to a funder's decision to support your project versus thousands of others. Let your voice be heard and engage in social change.


Join Action Connected to diversify your funding base. Setting up an account and user profile on Action Connected is a simple, fast and intuitive process. Funders are seeking transparent partners. Once online, you can communicate directly with your potential funders and unlike other sites, your beneficiaries can set up profiles to endorse your work. This builds trust, authenticity and confidence and leads to funded projects! Use this interactive space as your personal project communication and reporting source!


Once you create a profile on Action Connected you can immediately connect to projects and groups that matter to you. After you select a group to support, you can monitor how your contributions are used, and hear directly from beneficiaries to connect your ROI with real change. Action Connected's online data analytics will also provide you with real-time statistics on how your contribution is leveraged for social impact.

How are we different?

  • LOWER FUNDRAISING FEES - we assure that 88% or more go directly to the project
  • INCLUSIVENESS - we are giving a voice to beneficiaries
  • TRANSPARENCY - we require, provide and uphold transparency and accountability
  • ACCESS - we provide access to a big database of NGOs, their projects, statistics and reports
  • EXCHANGE - engage and connect with the community

Join the Change!

Join our BETA launch and CONNECT with other progressive organizations and engaged users revolutionizing the charity and fundraising community

Equitable Impact Project Cycle

Action Connected's equitable project cycle creates sustained impact by putting the beneficiary's needs at its core. Action Connected promotes conscious capitalism and strategic linkages between funders implementers and beneficiaries – all “giving across” – with a new three-way dynamic of development benefit to all parties involved in the cycle.

beneficiaries >

Are empowered through inclusiveness

implementers >

Are more engaged and more accountable

funders >

Can directly measure and assess how their
resources affect change in the world

Finally, a source of development funding & networking that cares about the voice of the beneficiary! Thank you, Action Connected, for respecting the dignity of the recipients of development assistance.

-Adrien Tuyaga, Civil Society Leader, Bujambura, Burundi

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