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The PartnersGlobal story starts, officially, in 1989. The downfall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe left a political and social vacuum, which attracted a flood of foreign consultants who imposed short-term training programs and external policy recommendations on the newly democratic societies. Partners took a different development path: from the start, we committed to building partnerships and working with local people and institutions to create sustainable democratic change and build strong civil society.

Today, Partners is one of the most well-respected change and conflict management organizations and we continue to invest in sustainable local leaders and organizations for lasting democratic change. What began as an experiment within academic institutions is now an expanding, innovative international organization with a dynamic Partners Network and strong local ties in more than 50 countries. Partners Centers are among the preeminent institutions in their home countries, and have close partnerships with Partners and and the Network to pursue a common mission while maintaining their local niche and independent regional leadership.
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