• On Action Connected, beneficiaries, supporters, NGOs and social businesses are equal partners.
  • Your ideas, opinions and feedback are what makes successful programs happen.
  • Your critical voice can also be what prompts a project design to be modified or changed to respond to real needs.
  • Once you create a profile, you can connect, exchange and influence an entire community that cares.
  • Your voice is also a critical component to a supporter's decision to back your project versus thousands of others.
Let your voice be heard and engage in social change!

NGOs & Social Businesses

  • Join Action Connected to benefit from countless free services on our platform!
  • Participate in transforming the development sector and reforming the way people, organizations and corporations see and interact within the charity and social entrepreneurship world!
  • Creating a profile on Action Connected is simple and fast - once online you are a member of the only online platform that connects all three pillars, namely supporters, implementers and beneficiaries, of the charity and development world.
  • You can communicate directly with your potential partners and supporters and, unlike other sites, your beneficiaries can set up profiles to endorse your work. This builds trust, authenticity and confidence!
  • Use this interactive space as your free and personal project communication and marketing source!


  • Once you create a profile on Action Connected you can immediately connect to every other user as well as to groups and causes that matter to you.
  • Engage in conversations, exchange ideas and opinions, discuss, influence and learn!
  • Get real time updates, check how the implementers and project you are supporting, perform.
  • Action Connected's online data analytics will also provide you with real-time statistics on how your contribution is leveraged for social impact.

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    ...provide valuable & truthful feedback and insight
  • we give you the opportunity to CONTRIBUTE and PARTICIPATE
    ...connect with philanthropy, help implementers planning projects and encourage committed supporters
  • we let you CONNECT with NGOs, social businesses and supporters for an open and fair dialogue to
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